Dr Gautam Sadhu, Professor, IIHMR, Jaipur

He is a Professor, Dean (Admin) and team leader of all the WASH Projects at the IIHMR University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. He is also an adjunct faculty at Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins University, USA. He has an extensive experience and expertise in the field of public health, water-sanitation, nutrition, rural development, Panchayati raj institutions health education, community participation, NGO management, institutional development and networking. Dr. Sadhu since 1997 working with IIHMR U take the class on Strategic Management, Project Management, NGO Management, Rural Health, Water Sanitation, Hygiene and Nutrition and on Rural Marketing. Dr. Sadhu as a Project Director implemented very successfully the integrated water, sanitation and health education programme supported by KfW, Germany of Rs 426 crores and successfully developed the institution model for sustainability. The model developed is being now replicated in similar nature of project. Since last 18 years, village community are paying Rs 5.5 crores per year to Government as a water tariff. He has a good experience of networking of NGOs, civil societies, community-based organisation (CBOs), empowering of Panchayati Raj Institute and skill of interdepartmental coordination. Dr. Sadhu has developed the Monitoring and Evaluation system of the programme very effectively which was appreciated by all the stake-holders. He was also monitor for the project supported by CAPART. He has also developed the concept of State Resource Centre at IIHMR named Communication and Capacity Development Unit (CCDU) supported by GoI, GoR and UNICEF for the capacity development in water and sanitation sector at Rajasthan. Dr. Sadhu has also led the water campaign of one of the division of Rajasthan and the Government of Rajasthan has recognized him by giving award for his excellent contribution. He was the pioneer in developing the concept of preparing village water security plan in Rajasthan as per NRDWP, GoI, guidelines. He has a particular experience in institutional development, strategic planning and management programme at project level including capacity building in the context of water and sanitation sector reforms through local self-governess. He organised several national and international workshop. He has often been called to present the paper in different national and international workshops. With more than 26 years of experience to backup he was consultant to World Bank supported project-WEMTOP, UNICEF, CAPART and other funding agency. He is a trained facilitator and has experience of working as a part of multidisciplinary team emphasizing a participatory approach. He has also given input in the State Water Policy, State Partnership Programme of European Commission and Government of Rajasthan. He is among the pioneer with whose efforts Rajasthan has proposed first time the name of 23 Gram Panchyats for the Nirmal Gram Prushkar award honoured by President of India. At Churu he had instrumental in construction of more than 40,000 sanitation unit with bathrooms and soakpits. He has developed the steps and prepares ToR for GoR with the support of UNICEF to prepare village water security plan and also prepare plan for 2159 villages of Rajasthan involving the Panchayat and Panchayati Raj Institution. He is working closely with Panchyati Raj and Rural Development Department in imparting training for all the stakeholders associate with CLTs programme. He is also a part time consultant- Institutional Development to Rajasthan Minor Irrigation Project supported by Japanese International Co-operation Agency (JICA). He has developed several training modules for Government officers, NGOs representatives and PRI/ WUA members. The modules developed by him is been followed at Government training institutions. He trained 40 faculty of IMTI, Kota and Bikaner, GoR in Participatory Training Techniques. He also trained 62 State Level Trainers for the Sanitation under Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan. Recently he trained successfully 709 block level trainers under mid day meal scheme in the technical as well as use of participatory training techniques who has further trained 1.24 lacs of front line functionaries of mid-day meal scheme. He has been a member of various committees of the Government of Rajasthan such as Steering Committee of Water Resource Management, Apex committee of State Water and Sanitation, and several others. He has several years of experience of working with community participation, devolution of PRIs, water and sanitation, livelihood, watershed management, NGOs networking and others. He is the authors and facilitators of several books, papers and reports related to community participation, institutional development, Gender, Devolution of panchayati Raj activities, water and sanitation. He has a good knowledge of the NGOs working in the development sector and their capacity.