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Humanity’s one among the biggest crisis: COVID-19, where millions are suffering across the globe. Almost every country has been affected by the devastating Corona virus disease. To date, over 1.5 million people had been affected by COVID-19 and about 80,000 people had died worldwide. Indirectly, billions of people have been suffering from the impact of the global pandemic.

JAN SAROKAR has reached out to 5000 poorest of the poor rural households in remotest tribal villages of Bengabad block in Giridih, Ranka block in Garhwa in Jharkhand for COVID 19 through relief work.

Worked with Gram Panchayat support in migrants population skill mapping, new job cards for MGNREGA work, ration cards for needy poor and awareness building on protection of COVID-19 though online platform, social distancing, mask distribution and sharing of IEC materials.